A Matter of Fact.

Fact? The oxford dictionary defines the word as “A thing that is known or proven to be true”. I guess that makes the definition of a word facts right?

Pretty simple explanation and I believe most people would agree with it. But to what extend? My personal belief is that facts are just analyzing data, numbers or maybe reality. It varies right? When the movie “Thor Ragnarok” first released, it was ranked the best Marvel movie at the time and with the recent release of “Black Panther”, the title is then debunked. I guess term is only relevant in respect to time?

When I came across the definition on oxford dictionary, I was curious to see if a fact could be false? I came across an article and what I read from Alan Bustany, he said “Fact is merely a statement about reality that we believe to be true”. Further reading into it, he made a point that facts are only facts based upon that provisional understanding.

With that opinion in mind, I suppose the fact is there are just a truly a limit amount of facts in the world. Even the fact that a gunshot on the head will kill you is false.  There are probably a really really low chance of that happening though, so I would probably advise you away from trying. So I guess the fact is false and not a fact? Or can we assume it to be true since the likeliness of that happening is really high. Does that mean the word fact could be assumed true under a very large sample size?

Let’s introduce a new term to the whole topic; Outlier. For the non scientific people, it is an element of data set that distinctly stands out from the rest of the data. Scientist often remove this from the final data set to avoid a great inflation of the experiment. What I’m trying to say is, basically this explains that an occurrence of the unlikely may occur, this however shouldn’t cause much alteration. Using this theory, is it safe to eliminate the cases of something happening at a low percentage and make it count as a fact?

From what I’ve been writing, I guess I look facts as jury in court. Facts, like an offence, its only innocent till proven guilty. But like some court cases, even after the jury decide the offenders fate, does it make it the offender really guilty? There are misleading information and different perspective after all. So is it safe to say that even though a even though it is false, could it still be a fact?

So at the end of the day, I guess the term fact varies a lot. Fake, true, the swing of the term might change at any moment. There is a fact that should be considered, it is that nothing last forever. With that fact in mind, facts may change so we should be open to the idea of what is a fact and not a fact. Even the idea that practice makes perfect is an absurd fact.

Fact is an interesting concept and word for the day. But it just isn’t too stable in my opinion. To put it better words, Facts and numbers may be reliable but what happen when we occur the unexpected? Its only nice till it goes bad after all. The fact is, fact is just a word. A word that we believe to be allocated with true statements and reasons.

At some point the secret itself becomes irrelevant. The fact that you keep it does not – Sara Gruen




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