Uncompromising, a bad thing?

showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one’s ways or opinions – Definition

Right or wrong, up or down, left or right? Compromise or uncompromising, two sides of a coin. Can’t really have one without the other, but at the same time; we can’t have both happening at the same time. It just contradict each other after all and well that just doesn’t take us anywhere.

Collaboration, a keen quality when it comes to being employed. Often employers look for a person who is will to compromise their opinion and beliefs for the greater good of the company. The world is a large string of knots and we are connected, being a stubborn old man doesn’t really help anyone. So does this mean that being uncompromising make it a terrible work property? The question starts . . . .

Knowledge, in a time where knowledge is power; the more we know the better. Well as long as we know the right stuff anyways. The worlds a big place, so we don’t really have the same source and methods of the way we learn. Different teachers, subjects, pace and our individual processing. This difference creates our individual trends which makes us special in our way. We learn things and take them to our understanding, and once we have that settle in our mind, its really hard to change our opinion. If we are taught God is the creator of the world since we were a tiny child and brought up like that, is it really wrong to be uncompromising later on? ‘Cause who are we to tell you what to believe after all.

Seeing, there’s a phrase which says that seeing is believing. Well if you see a pig flying, sure you can believe that, I ain’t going to say otherwise. I on the other hand won’t believe you. Honest opinion after all. Over the past few years, there was a dress going viral on the internet. A blue and black dress? or was it a gold and white dress? A stupid joke I thought at first, how can we really see one color and another person seeing a different one. There are some things  in life we can go with my just instinct, if I fall off a building and damage all my leg bones, there is no amount of convincing which will make me agree that it wasn’t the most painful a person can feel. I guess this goes back to the dress, once we process the color to our brain, is it wrong to be uncompromising? We did see what we see.

Idea. Growing up as a child, we are probably taught that the skies the limit and are only limited to our imagination. Goes to show our dedication, if we put our mind into something we might be able to achieve it. Is it wrong to think of flying cars to be in the future and spend our lives trying to accomplish it? Dedication and uncompromising sometimes come head to head. Its the thought of an idea we have in our minds and we aim for the accomplishment. Sure there are doubters, and will try to mislead you or persuade to else where, does being uncompromising and focusing on our goal a bad thing?

Uncompromising is the refusal to the acceptance of changing an opinion. Quite a wide range of topics to cover really. To a sense, no one is really fully uncompromising, it just isn’t possible. We share the world, we share the roads, land, air and pretty much everything we do not own. It is a human instinct, we are not going to sit on a seat where there is a person sitting; it just doesn’t make sense right? As a child we open our minds to the school and take in knowledge, accepting the fact of new knowledge and that we do not know everything.

Sure being able to compromise is a good trend to have in your life. After all, opposites do attract. Going to be hard to find the exact same personality, attitude and belief person to be your partner. But I think there is only a limited amount a person should compromise. Having our faults and differences make us unique.

The phrase practice makes perfect makes the case of being uncompromising a good thing. If we do compromise everything and go with the flow of others, we will adapt their trends and after a while, will just end up like them. Losing a sense of our self and well that to my opinion is worse.

In my opinion, we are a mere pebble in an ocean of rocks. Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it because nobody else will. To my understanding, we are meant for something in life and everything we do is important. With that in mind, if we follow everybody and just join them, the output is a mere drip. Honestly if we decline something, there will be someone willing to take the jump and fill the void. Sure our impacts are mere splash, but I believe that being uncompromising makes us different and unique. And that difference might create a different path.

We often feel its harder to compromise something against our belief, if its best for us or we like it, does it really make it wrong to keep that goal in our mindset? There is really no right answer of the title, just a difference in opinion and depends on the case.




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