A Micro Effect.

A buzz in the middle of the night, a coffee stain or perhaps stuck in traffic. Many small irrelevant event, but a long train of events it follows.

A simple good morning to a fellow colleague, a small node to a mate. A sense of acknowlesgment. A sense of existance and purpose.

Like some change for a beggar, a few here, a few there and all of a sudden. The person has a meal to last him for the day. Tiny things matter.

The same can be said about negativity. Boss stuck in traffic and have a mood. Gets angry at employees over work, employee rushes task and work isn’t done right. Late night and stress, taken home and problems arrise. A rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch.

A micro effect. A tiny effect. But the act of kindness. Goes a long way.

What makes my day is a Starbucks branch I used to go. Where the barista draws a smile face next to my name. So simple yet so effectful.

There are 86400 seconds a day, dont let someone ruin it by taking away 30 seconds from. Like a bank account, if you have $864.00 and the bank charges 30c. Dont lose your mind and let it stick their the whole day.

Move on and be the best person you can be. You could be the sun to someones rain.

My relief song ↓

Via The Daily Post – Micro

#msots #RayL13


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