A web of toxicity.

Ever played the game of League of Legends? A fun, diverse and a large community. Watch their yearly World Competitions, you will see what I mean by a large community.

With any large group of anything, there’s its share of rotten eggs. Even the chicken have their off days. So with the large community, there are this hugely negative players.

Ragers, leavers, trolls and the casual retards. A group of people creating a negative impact on the game. With the maths, running into them is not too high, nor too low. Just luck really.

Only problem is, they are like moles and fungus. When once experienced, they spread like germs, creating more and more of the same problem.

Toxicity, term we use to discribe this kind of players. Question is where they all came. Family fued, the way they were raised, a bad day perhaps? My opinion, is its caused of anonymousity.

In the online world where everyone is anonymous, we can say anything we wish. No punishment, no judgements, Faceless they remain. The least known we are, the more we can say. Toxic we become.

Via The Daily Post Toxic


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